Visitation Guidelines

God calls us to be flexible people!  Think calmness and adaptability as we all continue to explore together being the church in some new and innovative ways.

  • Sunday Worship — In Church Worship has resumed and webcasting the service on Facebook Live continues into the foreseeable future.
  • All physical (in person) meetings—by appointment or arrangement only. Call the office for more information.
  • Wednesday Bible Study—Virtual only on Facebook Live  until further notice with recorded sessions available after the session. 

If you have questions or concerns, please post them on Facebook, send a private message to the Facebook page, or call the church office (508-586-9021). Likewise, please reach out to Pastor Jeff and the church office if you have any pastoral care needs.

Please stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones in the midst of these unsettled times! Pray for our FELC family, our community, our nation, and world. And watch this space and our Facebook  page for the latest on absolutely everything. Remember to celebrate that you are so loved by God and one another! Grace and peace.

Welcome to the first round of voting to select a name for our Steinway piano which will soon be undergoing a reconstruction. (If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out the donation page and help support this project.)

      We have received many wonderful suggestions for naming the Steinway and now it’s time to start narrowing the list. Based on the names submitted, we have organized them into seven categories. Your task this time is to select one name from each category. When this process is complete, we will have seven names. The second elimination round will narrow our focus to just three names. And then the final round will select our winner.

      Because we are focusing on the names at this point in the contest, we are not listing who submitted the names.


  • All nominations reaching the Final Round win a FELC t-shirt.
  • Grand Prize Winner: A $25 gift certificate for the Cape Cod Cafe.
  • There will also be a plaque with the name of the piano and the person who nominated. The plaque will be installed when the piano returns in 2023.

Remember, please only submit one ballot per person

Let the voting begin!

Voting First Round Has Closed – Voting Second Round Opens Soon.

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