First Lutheran Church

Let Us Pray

Please pray for our members, friends, and families listed here.

For additions or corrections, please request by emailing Evelyn Reuben ([email protected]) or by contacting the church office at 508-586-9021 with the information. 

For Our Members Who Are Homebound Or Ill, Or Otherwise In Need Of Our Prayers

  • Dashawn Pinto
  • Pam Mansbach
  • Christine Persson
  • Roberta Battaglia.
  • James Core
  • Andrea Roust
  • Jeanne & Ron Newman
  • Lynne Kenyon
  • Dean Kenyon
  • Rosa Nicholas
  • Vivian Michals
  • Jennie Christensen
  • Alejandra Bennett
  • Kelly Newman-Milliken
  • Paula Hilston
  • Paul McAfee
  • David Denholm
  • Diane Perry
  • Inez Johnson
  • Lillia Eliasson-Parrott (medical professional)
  • Bob Parsons
  • Jean Anderson
  • Gayle Morton
  • Sonia Pina
  • The Grabau Family

For Our Members and Friends Who Have Recently Lost Friends or Loved Ones

And for a Special Measure of God’s Grace to be Upon

All those we have seen in the news this week and those we haven’t.  Let us include in our prayers all who suffer whether as natural disaster victims, or as shooting victims & their families, or those with missing or abused family members, and especially all those affected by violence in all its forms, and those affected by human caused disasters and conflicts wherever they occur. And let us not forget the needy and destitute, the lonely, the orphaned, the confused, the abandoned, and those without hope. May they all be blessed in the ways they need and find comfort.


  • Major Caitlin Jahnke-Army (daughter of Sue & Harry Jahnke)—Kuwait
  • Zack Lauzon (son-in-law of Nina Sousa)—Stateside
  • Kristin Perry (friend of Dana & Karen Christensen) Navy—Stateside
  • Sgt. Ryan R. Casey, USMC  (grandson of Carole Casey)—stateside
  • Pvt. 1st Class Philipe Pinto (son of Sonia Pinto)
  • Airman 1st Class James Glavin (friend of Beth Christensen)



  • Sofia Belanger: U Mass Amherst
  • Abby Cruz: Bryant University
  • Callie Jefferson: Graduate student at Bridgewater State
  • Helen Linehan: University of New Hampshire
  • Charlotte Linehan: Westfield State, Massachusetts
  • Katarina Sousa: Simmons College, Boston
  • Johnny Pearson: University of Connecticut- Storrs
  • Carley Pearson: Bryant University-Rhode Island
  • Gia Kenney:  Massasoit Community College
  • Eva Belanger: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Ashley Burke: University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Members of Our Extended Family

  • Friends and Family of FELC Parishioners
  • Amy Workman-Wyatt – (friend of Jan & Scott Anderson)
  • Brother Louis -Society of the Atonement- (friend of Howard Holmes)
  • Lila Kenney – godmother of Damian Caffelle 
  • Pastor Jeff: Kathy Copas, & Mary O’Donnell (friends)
  • Bob Moore (father of Sandy Dunphy)
  • Eddie Silva (friend of Dave & Diane Perry)
  • Howard Holmes (sister): Susan Groleau
  • Sandy White: Emma White (granddaughter), Melissa White (daughter-in-law), Adam Furtado (friend)
  • Carolyn Giordano (granddaughter) Mackenzie Giordano
  • Karen & Dana Christensen: Connor, Bernadette & Kevin Long
  • Barbara Johnson: Frank Johnson (brother-in-law), (uncle of
    Lynn Madigan & Mike Madigan)
  • Nina Sousa: Nancy Stetson (sister of Nina Sousa), Ryan & Keith Stetson (nephews) Lia & Qwamay Ford, Corey Collins, Maureen Keefe, Joseph Nolan (friends)
  • Wilette & Lloyd Thompson: Jay Leong (nephew), Willa Tsang (sister & sister-in-law), Rick Venti, Russell Perkins, Walter Laskey & Phil Robinson (friends)
  • Lynda Whittemore (husband): Bob Whittemore
  • Vicki Johnson (sister): Renee Joyce
  • Carrie Pearson (mother) Joanne Cintolo 
  • Chris & Donnie Newman (friend): Kris Daley
  • Barbara Rich:  (friend of Dianne & Gary Oman)
  • Steve Maher (son-in-law): Pat McAfee)
  • Robert Owen (friend): Jean-Ellen Kenney
  • Meg Shamon & Mary Fisichella:  (friends of Pam Mansbach)
  • Amy Polisino (friend) Erycah, Karen & Dick Pearson