Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray - Square-1

Please pray for our members, friends, and families listed here.

For additions or corrections, please request by emailing Evelyn Reuben (ereuben@firstevlutheran.org) or by contacting the church office at 508-586-9021 with the information. 

For Our Members Who Are Homebound Or Ill, Or Otherwise In Need Of Our Prayers

  • Vivian Michals
  • Carl Franzen
  • Jennie Christensen
  • Alejandra Bennett
  • Chris Newman
  • Kelly Newman-Milliken
  • Paula Hilston
  • Paul McAfee
  • David Denholm
  • Diane Perry
  • Richard MacNevin
  • Inez Johnson
  • Lillia Eliasson-Parrott (medical professional)
  • Bob Cook
  • Roberta Smith
  • Bob Parsons
  • Keith Carlson
  • Jean Anderson
  • Gayle Morton
  • Delica & Michael Georges
  • Sonia Pina
  • The Grabau Family

For Our Members and Friends Who Have Recently Lost Friends or Loved Ones

And for a Special Measure of God’s Grace to be Upon

The earthquake victims in Turkey, the shooting victims & families of Michigan State University, and those affected by the Ohio train derailment disaster.

  • Major Caitlin Jahnke-Army (daughter of Sue & Harry Jahnke)—Kuwait
  • Zack Lauzon (son-in-law of Nina Sousa)—Overseas
  • Kristin Perry (friend of Dana & Karen Christensen) Navy—Stateside
  • Sgt. Ryan R. Casey, USMC (grandson of Carole Casey)—stateside
  • Pvt. 1st Class Philipe Pinto (son of Sonia Pinto)
  • Airman 1st Class James Glavin (friend of Beth Christensen)

  • Helen Linehan: University of New Hampshire
  • Charlotte Linehan: Westfield State, Massachusetts
  • Katarina Sousa: Simmons College, Boston
  • Johnny Pearson: University of Connecticut- Storrs
  • Carley Pearson: Bryant University-Rhode Island
  • Gia Kenney: Massasoit Community College
  • Eva Belanger: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Ashley Burke-University of Massachusetts-Amherst

For These Members of Our Extended Family

  • Friends and Family of FELC Parishioners
  • Pastor Jeff:  Mary O’Donnell (friend), Sylvia Foster (aunt)
  • Carolyn Giordano: Mackenzie Giordano (granddaughter)
  • Sandy White: Emma White (granddaughter),  Melissa White (daughter-in-law), Adam Furtado (friend)
  • Irma Walat’s daughter Kathy Harris & family
  • Karen & Dana Christensen: Connor, Bernadette &
    Kevin Long, Vivian Benson (aunt)
  • Dominick D’Agostino (father of Jessica Burke)
  • Barbara Johnson: Frank Johnson (brother-in-law) & Debbie Johnson (daughter in-law), (uncle & sister-in-law) of Lynn Madigan, (aunt & uncle) of Mike Madigan
  • Nina Sousa: Olivia Lauzon (daughter) Callum Stetson (nephew), Corey
    Collins & Maureen Keefe
    , (friends), Jim Stetson

  • Wilette & Lloyd Thompson: Willa Tsang, (sister & sister-in-law), Russell Perkins, Rick Venti,John Slupski (friends)
  • Linda Whittemore: Bob Whittemore (husband)