First Lutheran Church

Can I just come by and be anonymous, sort of quietly check things out?
  • You can be as low-key as you want. Because you haven’t worshiped with us before, and we tend to be a friendly bunch, chances are someone (or some people) may greet you. A smile and a nod would be an easy way to let them know you just want some space.
Uh… so, where do I go?
  • First Evangelical Lutheran Church is located at 900 Main Street in Brockton. You can find a map on the “How to Find Us” page. The funny thing is, in spite of our impressive front church entrance, we are what you might call back door people. Go around to the back of the church and you’ll find plenty of parking and an entranceway via a canopied area. You can enter there, come up a few steps, or follow the instructions to a nearby elevator. There, you will see a hallway with several of us visiting and ushers distributing worship bulletins. Enter the church and sit wherever you feel most comfortable. And, if you feel like it, come downstairs after church and join us for some refreshments/
What time does Sunday worship start?
  • During most of the year, worship on Sunday is at 9 a.m. In July and August, until the first Sunday after Labor Day, we begin at 8:30 a.m. Check our calendar to verify time and if there are any special events going on. We welcome you to come to the church for services or to attend virtually on our Facebook page or on our homepage.
Can I come casual?
  • Yes—most of us do. You’ll feel comfortable whatever you are wearing.
Is it a good place for kids—even my teenagers?
  • Yes. There are great places to connect and child care for the little ones. We even have an excellent preschool on the premises.
I’m sort of going through some stuff right now, stuff that has been changing my views on the church and Christianity. Can you all handle my questions?
  • We’re all on our own journey and none of us pretend to have all of the answers. What we’re about is simply being part of an accepting, loving community of faith where we can all explore the big questions and support one another in answering them for ourselves. If you want to talk about God or Jesus, or your divorce, or your child who has developed a substance abuse problem, or just about anything else, there are people here who are willing to walk alongside you and support you as you wrestle with stuff.
How can I find out more?
  • You can email Pastor Jeff Johnson ([email protected]) or call the church office at 508-586-9021.
  • You’re also welcome to stop by anytime we’re open and check us out. Office hours are always posted on the homepage.

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