First Lutheran Church


We are in the process of updating our calendar system with some new software. You now have three different calendar pages to choose from.

The first is the Events List Calendar. This view gives a list of events by month. When you click on the event, details for that event will open in a lightbox with more specific information about the Event.

The second is the Month View Calendar. This page has the familiar calendar month view along with an event view for the day you are looking at on the calendar. So, if you click on the first of the month on the grid, it will show all the events for that day listed. And like the Event List Calendar, when you click on the event, you get a pop up with details about the event.

The third option is our original FELC Events calendar which is based on Google’s calendar system. We may be discontinuing this calendar if we decide it is not being used as much as the other two.

We will be continuing to explore different ways to use this new software. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Send them to [email protected] with a subject line CALENDAR. Thank you!