First Lutheran Church

March 4, 2022

Reverend Jeff Johnson 

Broadway Favorites  

“These are photos from the first Lenten Luncheon this year. We so enjoyed your serenading us with beautiful “Broadway Favorites!” 
So glad the Luncheon Programs have returned!!”
– Janet Trask 

March 11, 2022

 Ms. Jamie Hodges

Prom Gowns, Accessories,
and a Whole Lot More

“Jamie is such an inspiring young woman with so much energy!! We all know and love her Mom too. Jamie and her sister are doing great things in Brockton.” 

– Janet Trask 


March 18, 2022

Ms. Mary Waldron

 Planning Your Community

“Mary Waldron was a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker who taught us a lot about what’s happening in our Region!


The Seafood Newburg and homemade pies were extraordinary, and we really lived it up that Friday. Thanks to The Lutheran ladies who are such amazing cooks and Bakers!!”   

– Janet Trask

March 25, 2022

 John R. Buckley, Jr., Esq.

Foreclosures and Other Situations