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  • All Saints Sunday

  • November 5, 2017

    Services at 7:45 & 9 am

  • IntroductionMicah declares God’s condemnation of those who abhor justice. Jesus warns against hypocrisy. Paul urges the Thessalonians to lead a life worthy of God. Called to be humble servants, we gather for worship, seeking justice and welcoming all people to share the banquet of life.

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Survey of Members for Our Future Mission

Transition Team Report

The Transition Team was selected by Church Council to work with the congregation and Pastor Sproul during the Transition Process.  We are working toward defining the mission of First Lutheran in this community and providing the Synod with information needed to nominate candidates to become the new Pastor here.  It is hoped that the congregation will feel comfortable communicating with members of this committee to aid us in completing this process.

We have developed several surveys to be used as tools in discerning what we need to consider in defining the mission of this church.  Utilizing these questionnaires we have interviewed various groups who might help us understand what we are facing and possible ways of improving our ministry.  Those contacted include:  community leaders in Brockton, Pastors in other Lutheran urban congregations, neighbors in our immediate community, and YOU the members of FELC.  Please submit your answers to the survey..  We need your input.  Even if you cannot answer all the questions,  please offer your comments as you are able.

Under the guidance of Pastor Sproul we have held two congregation events (The History Event and The Identity Event).  These were interactive events which explored the history of FELC…how we have been blessed in the past and where we are today.  There are written summaries available for your perusal.

We have received some input from members regarding a variety of subjects to consider in moving forward.  Please feel free to communicate your visions, needs and concerns to any member of the Transition Team.  We welcome your participation.

Transition Team Members:  Lois Ness, Robert Thompson, Dawn (Battaglia) Caffelle, Aaron Rovaldi, Ruth Johnson, William Dunphy